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The Balance Wellness Referral Program was created for 2 reasons: I want to show my existing patients how grateful I am for their trust in sharing my name with their friends & family. I also wanted the opportunity to share the amazing benefits of integrative medicine with a larger portion of my community.

So I developed a referral program to help both of those groups: If you refer a new patient to me who books a treatment, you will receive $40 off your next treatment AND they will receive $40 off their first treatment! It seems only fair to give both sides a discount and I hope this will encourage more people to seek integrative health care in Central Austin.

Integrative health care combines what has made Traditional Chinese Medicine effective for 3000 years with modern science. The result is a medicine that takes the complete person into account when determining a diagnosis and treatment plan. This often leads to incredibly effective results with minimal side effects compared to western medical intervention alone.

Want to learn more? Ask a friend (in Austin, it’s likely you have 1 or 2 who have tried acupuncture) or give me a call. Consultations are always free and you can find out why you have the symptoms you do and specific steps we can take to eliminate them.

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