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It is all too common in our society to believe that PMS and menopause symptoms are completely normal parts of a woman’s life. Both are joked about on TV shows, normalized by pharmaceutical companies touting drugs to control symptoms, and believed by most people that the severity of symptoms are mainly due to luck or genetic makeup.

I’m going to say something that should not be shocking, but probably is to most people: Severe PMS and menopause symptoms are not normal. Irritability, hot flashes, mood swings, breast tenderness, cramps, fatigue, indigestion, depression, insomnia… NONE of these should be occurring if your body’s endocrine system is functioning optimally.

And therein lies the problem: conventional medicine does not have good tools for balancing the body’s hormones beyond prescribing birth control or additional hormones. Fortunately, birth control does affect hormone levels that commonly cause many debilitating PMS symptoms and some people find relief through hormone replacement for menopause. However, it does not help all symptoms and, more importantly, it does not address the root of the issue. Namely, why is your body out of balance and allowing these symptoms to occur? What systems are not functioning optimally resulting in this imbalance?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for centuries to quickly diagnose the imbalance and correct it, giving your body the opportunity to take care of the symptoms on it’s own. TCM can effectively treat all of the following:

– Menopause

– Infertility

– Pregnancy and postpartum support

– Dysmennorrhea (pain with menstruation)


– Endometriosis

– Insomnia

– Skin rejuvenation

If you are struggling with any of these syndromes or symptoms, talk to a TCM practitioner about women’s health. It could change your life.

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