Corporate Wellness

Now offering the Healthy @ Work Program from Balance Wellness Webinar Series

Customized Healthcare for Remote Workers

The Healthy @ Work Program is custom designed to serve the unique needs of remote workers. This program is ideal for your company if your employees are experiencing:

  • Zoom fatigue
  • Higher stress and anxiety
  • Increased distractions from their home environment
  • Back, neck, shoulder or arm pain
  • Eye strain, headaches or migraines
  • Less productivity


  • Master the most common challenges employees face working from home
  • Boost productivity and happiness at work with resent specific actions employees can take
  • Maximize efficiency and meet work deadlines by understanding how to utilize short breaks
  • Overcome common distractions with specific techniques and hacks
  • Maximize comfort and productivity with simple tools to adjust your workstation


Title: Healthy @ Work: Simple steps to increase happiness & productivity while working from home

Short Description: With millions of people forced to work from home, there is a new health crisis heading our way – the mental health challenge of living and working from home. In this 1-hour webinar, we will identify the unique challenges that face remote workers, how 60-second mindfulness breaks can help refocus and get work done more efficiently, the top 5 distractions that happen at home and how to deal with them, and simple accessory tools to adjust your computer and home work station to make sure you don’t hit Zoom overwhelm.


The professional fee is $500 for the work outlined in this proposal. This includes all of the prep time required, a 1-hour presentation and accompanying PDF handout. Please note if your company is experiencing a hardship during COVID19, we can work within your allotted budget.

In addition, Chris is available for further group webinars & individual online health coaching to ensure the continued wellbeing of your community during times of crisis.

I highly recommend treatments with Chris. — Tasha M.