Do you wake up congested? Tired of having trouble breathing? Itchy and tearing eyes?

All of these are symptoms of an oversensitive immune system reacting to Austin allergies. And all of these can be modulated effectively, safely and without side effects using acupuncture and chinese herbs.

Austin is host to a variety of environmental allergens that regularly affect people seasonally or year-round. Through acupuncture and herbal medicine, we have several methods for expelling pathogens, and regulating your body's immune system to more effectively deal with allergies and colds in the future.

If you are already suffering from allergy symptoms or know that your allergy symptoms arise every year in the coming months, we encourage you to come in for a free consultation to determine if acupuncture would be able help you get out and enjoy your life again!

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One of the best acupuncture appointments I have had! — Taylor L.